Translation and Adaptation

With over 30 years of combined industry experience, CoreText helps clients to communicate across all mediums and channels. From documentation and marketing materials to audio/video production and website localization, we save you time and money by managing all your language needs.

Whatever the size and scope of your project, our experienced project managers utilize a multi-pronged translation process. From our global network of linguistic and cultural experts, a hand-picked team is assembled to include a lead translator, an editor, and proofreader. All are highly-skilled professionals and native speakers of the target language, as well as subject matter experts. Quality assurance checks are conducted throughout the entire process to ensure that style and terminology guidelines have been properly followed. After the project is reviewed by the client, all proposed changes are thoroughly assessed before finalizing the translation.

Our staff works as a collaborative team to provide more than a translation. We also adapt concepts and graphic design elements to ensure that all your content is culturally appropriate for the intended audience.


We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services for legal proceedings, industry conferences and events, or focus groups, as well as state-of-the art equipment and support staff. Not only are our interpreters fully bilingual, but they are also comfortable in any environment and conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner. In any language pair, in any location, you can count on CoreText to choose the right team for your assignment.

Multimedia Globalization


We help you navigate the localization process in any media. Be it voice-replacement for DVD, broadcast or streaming video, we customize our team of translators, voice talent, recording engineers, and bilingual studio monitors to oversee your project from script translation through delivery of the finished product. And we don’t forget to ask the critical questions, such as, in which countries will this be heard? In France and Canada, for instance, a regional editing of the French script is required. A project can succeed only if the message is embraced by its target audience.


The key to high-quality subtitling is careful, upfront evaluation of the source media and utilizing a specialized language and production team. From transcription of the voice-track and time-coding the translation to character generation and on-line editing, the team at CoreText can create subtitles in all alphabets including non-Roman and double-byte characters such as Chinese and Japanese. Put your project into the hands of experts and you will achieve excellent results.

Website Localization

Research proves that consumers spend twice as long at a site – and are four times more likely to buy – if it speaks to them in their native language. Localizing a website involves far more than translation. At CoreText, we meld language, culture, and technology into one seamless process to deliver sites that resonate with multicultural audiences. We evaluate your content for cultural appropriateness, internationalize graphic elements, and work with your existing technical platforms to enable smooth entry into new target markets.

Graphic Production


We provide expert page-layout and typesetting services in all major graphics programs for Roman and non-Roman alphabet and character-based languages. Unsurpassed quality assurance and proofreading are key in this final stage of our production process.