The CoreText difference: matching up the right translators with your project

August 22, 2011 No Comments by Susanna Mitton

We are often asked what makes CoreText different from other translation providers. The answer is simple. We really care about who does the work. What I mean is this…

Many of the larger translation providers have automated systems whereby jobs go out to the lowest bidder. They don’t tell their clients that this is how they operate, but they literally use a kind of auction system to auction off their clients’ projects. Needless to say, this approach can lead to all sorts of quality problems along the way if they assign the work to cheap, unqualified translators.

The CoreText philosophy is the exact opposite. We set up the job correctly from the start. At the beginning of each project, we take the time to evaluate your source materials and we carefully look at all the project requirements. Then we go to our extensive database of linguists, and we assemble the right team for the job. For regular accounts, we use the same team every time, so that the quality remains consistent.

We have the best translators in the business, and we know this because we have been working with them for many years. They are located all over the world, and have real-world industry experience, in addition to being experts in rendering our clients’ source texts into their native language. We require our translators to work with the latest software, and the latest reference works for their language pairs and areas of expertise. Our network of translators currently consists of 300+ individuals and groups, and we are constantly screening new talented linguists who come to us through referrals from our trusted translators. The managers of CoreText also regularly attend translation conferences, where they meet and hand-pick new translators. Many of our translators are certified by the American Translators Association.

This is the advantage of working with CoreText. We care about your project as much as you do, and we take the time to make sure that you work with the right team.

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